Josephine Barbaro is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow the Director of the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre at La Trobe University and Project Leader with Autism CRC.

Dr Barbaro will present in the Autism CRC Program 1 Panel - Diagnosis (Symposium 1, Day 1).   

The Development and Efficacy of a Family Support Package for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children with ASD.

Overview: The objective of this project is to develop and test a Family Support Package (FSP) for families of newly diagnosed children with ASD. The study is being conducted in conjunction with the Social Attention and Communication Surveillance – Revised (SACS-R) program based in Victoria. 

The Family Support Package (FSP) will comprise a Family Clinic and an Information Package for families of children that have undergone assessment through a developmental surveillance study in Victoria and met criteria for an ASD. These families will be provided with specialised support and guidance to foster parental wellbeing, and to assist with grief/stress associated with the diagnosis, as well as receiving relevant information compiled to assist families with a recent diagnosis. Baseline measures will be used to assess current levels of stress, quality of life, coping, and family support, and these will be compared to measures taken 6-months post diagnosis to determine the relative efficacy of the FSP. It is expected that the FSP will be utilised by diagnosticians, paediatricians, and allied health professionals to more effectively guide parents through the ASD diagnostic process for their child.

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