Kate Sofronoff is a clinical psychologist on academic staff at the University of Queensland. The focus of her research for the past 15 years has been the evaluation of programs for children with autism spectrum conditions. She is a Project Leader with Autism CRC.

Assoc Prof Sofronoff will present in the Autism CRC Program 2 Panel - Enhancing Teaching and Learning (Symposium 6, Day 2).

Secret Agent Society Whole of Class Program – Optimising Social-Emotional and Academic Learning Outcomes for All Students.

Overview: This presentation will begin with an overview of the evidence-based, multi-media Secret Agent Society (SAS) social-emotional skills training program for children with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

Latest research supporting the effectiveness of the current program in school and clinic contexts for children with ASC and with other social-emotional challenges will be briefly summarised. The presentation will then focus on the structure and content of an innovative whole of class Year 5 program variant that is being developed in consultation with school staff, parents and students.

Objectives of the curriculum and mechanisms for achieving these will be reviewed, together with details of the how the program will be evaluated in Australian schools as part of a multi-State Autism CRC trial.

Also presenting in this Panel are:
Dr Jill Ashburner
Dr Beth Saggers.