Prof Attwood is a clinical psychologist who has specialised in autism spectrum disorders since he qualified as a clinical psychologist in England in 1975.

He currently works in his own private practice, and is also adjunct professor at Griffith University, Queensland and senior consultant at the Minds and Hearts clinic in Brisbane. His book Asperger's Syndrome – A Guide for Parents and Professionals has sold over 350,000 copies and has been translated into over 25 languages. His subsequent book, The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, was published in October 2006 and is one of the primary textbooks on Asperger's syndrome.

Tony will present on Day 1 in Symposium 4 - Practical Strategies to Manage Social and Emotional Issues.

Having a Partner or Parent who has the characteristics of ASD: The Social and Emotional Issues: When a child is diagnosed as having an ASD, we often recognise that one of his or her parents may have some of the characteristics of ASD in their profile of abilities and developmental history. Having those characteristics will have an effect on the nature and quality of the relationship of the parents as well as parenting style. In addition, having a parent who has the characteristics of ASD will affect the psychological development of the typical children of the relationship. The presentation will outline the social and emotional relationship issues, describe a new 8 session relationship programme for couples developed at the Minds and Hearts Clinic in Brisbane and the information learned from of a series of workshops for typical children who have a parent who has the characteristics of ASD.

Also presenting in this Symposium:
Dr Iliana Magiati
Michelle Garcia Winner