Associate Professor Amanda Richdale is Principal Research Fellow at the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, La Trobe University. Amanda's work in autism for over 25 years has been across a broad range of areas including assessment and diagnosis, early intervention, language, and comorbid conditions. Her published research has largely focussed on sleep and its associations in children with ASD.

More recently Amanda's research has focussed on adolescents and adults, with regard to both sleep, and to transition issues for young people with ASD. She led a project funded by the Victorian government, Supporting transition to and participation in tertiary education for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is currently the Autism CRC Project Leader for the Program 3 longitudinal study of school leavers with ASD Unique Profile of School Leavers with Autism.

Amanda will present on Day 1 in Symposium 3 - Transforming Life after School.

Supporting Young People in Tertiary Education: It is often thought that high-functioning young people with ASD will need less support because they have "milder" symptoms of ASD however, this is not necessarily true. Furthermore, having succeeded at high school, these young people often believe everything will be okay at university or TAFE and do not seek support early on. This can lead to breakdowns or failure and in some cases the student will drop out. This presentation will discuss the issues and support needs of young people with ASD in tertiary education, including the potential impact of core ASD symptoms and comorbid conditions; preparation for transition; disclosure of ASD diagnosis; staff education; and the role that student support staff and families can play in supporting students.

Also presenting in this Symposium:
Peter Vermeulen
Assoc Prof Robyn Young