Thorkil is a Danish citizen with residence in Delaware, USA, where he acts as CEO of Specialisterne USA.

Thorkil graduated from Aalborg University, Denmark. He worked in the tele communication and IT business areas before founding Specialisterne (The Specialists) in 2003 after his youngest son was diagnosed with autism. To respond to the requests for support from parents in more than 90 countries Thorkil founded the non-profit Specialist People Foundation in 2008 with the goal to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges. Specialist People Foundation has brought the Specialisterne concept to 13 countries where Specialisterne works with companies, NGOs and states to give the labor market access to the untapped talent pool of people with autism. Thorkil is chair of Specialisterne Denmark, Specialisterne USA and Specialist People Foundation. Thorkil is an Ashoka Globalizer Fellow and a Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur.

Thorkil present on Day 2 in Symposium 8 - Transforming Employment and Adulthood.

The Autism Advantage: This presentation will focus on employment and how individuals on the autism spectrum can establish their comfort zones in the work zone by which they can excel in a meaningful and productive job. It will also share the experiences in the Specialisterne family across the world.

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