Friday: 1.30pm 2.40pm Concurrent Sessions

session 1

Annette Joosten (AU): Mother and Child Outcomes of an Autism Specific Childcare Program: A Family-Centred Approach.
Robert Conway (AU): The Engagement of Parents, Carers and Community across Australia through the Positive Partnership Initiative: An Evaluation of the Strengths and Challenges of a National Approach to Engaging Parents about Autism.
Stacey Rabba (AU): The Development of a Family Support Package for Parents following a Child's Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Do Parents Want?
Gee Van Der Watt (AU): Enhancing the Capacity of the Childcare Workforce to integrate with Children with Autism. 

session 2

Sarita Slater (AU): Supporting the use of iPads/Tablets in Schools and Community Settings for Individuals with ASD.
Lee Casuscelli (AU): Using Animations to begin a Conversation: Introducing Autism to Families using Culturally Sensitive Resources.
Shawn Stevenson (AU): Intelligent Informatics for Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Would You Want and What Would You Share?
Caroline Bond (UK): Interventions for Children and Young People with ASD - What Works in Schools? Findings from a Systematic Literature Review.

session 3

Rebecca Flower (AU): Circumscribed Interests among Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Cindy Nicollet (AU): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Psychological Interventions for Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and Anxiety.
Susan Wade (AU): Upholding Potential: Supporting Achievement in Highly Able Individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

session 4
transforming lives - lived experiences

Adrian Pooley (AU): My Personal Journey as an Autistic Adult.
Rachael Harris (AU): From the Marketplace to the Monastery.
Elissa Plumridge (AU): What Good is a Diagnosis at Age 35?
Daisy Cox (AU): The Passenger.

session 5
Heather Kirkhope (AU) & Rucha Joshi (AU): Bringing a Positive Aspect to Complex Families: The Positive Behaviour Support Program.
Kristy Seymour (AU): How Circus Training can Enhance the Well-Being of Children with Autism and Their Families.
Monique Seymour (AU): The Mental and Physical Health of Australian Fathers of Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Nusrat Ahmed (BD): Self-Reported Stress in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome and Typically Developing Children: Findings from Bangladesh.
session 6

Sue Clayton (AU): Early Intervention with a Parent-Delivered Massage Protocol directed at Tactile Abnormalities Decreases Severity of Autism and Improves Child-To-Parent Interactions: A Replication Study.
Joanne Stephens (AU): Paramedics and the Care they provide to Children with ASD in and out of the Hospital Environment: What does the Literature Tell Us?
Joanna Granich (AU): Oral Health, Dental Needs and Barriers in Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

session 7

Jeanette Purkis (AU): Autism and Resilience.
Tori Haar (AU): Becoming Empowered Learners: When Students Lead Their Own Adventure.
Theresa Kidd (AU): The Chilled Program: Reducing Anxiety in Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism and Increasing Quality of Life for Families.
Zach Zaborny (US): Education of An Aspie: College Through My Eyes.

session 8

Mozz O'Sullivan (AU): Actively Improving the Employment Prospects for Those on the Spectrum (an Inside Practical Approach).
Marita Falkmer (AU): Understanding Key Factors for Successful Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Matthew Bennett (AU): A Phenomenological Investigation into the Education, Employment and Relationship Experiences of Twenty-One Adults with Asperger Syndrome.

 transforming schooling

Heath Wild (AU): Role Playing Games in the Classroom. Bringing Texts to Life and Building Social Skills.
Meghan Wilson (AU):
Irabina Social Clubs.
Craig Smith & Heath Wild (AU):
Minecraft and the special interests of those with autism.
Livian Jones (AU):
"Caleb's School Journey".

Please note this program is subject to change.